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Trade Assurance

Trade’s free order protection serviceTrade Assurance is a free order protection service. It’s designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers and covers buyers in the event of payment, shipping and product quality-related disputes.

A secure online environment for global tradeTrade Assurance protects buyers’ orders; it minimizes risk by guaranteeing money back in the event of a supplier failing to meet the terms of the order contract – including delivery delays, quality and quantity discrepancies or other processing problems. Trade Assurance applies a credit-rating system that incentivizes suppliers to produce and deliver high-quality goods on time and according to the buyers’ specifications.

Multiple safe payment optionsSecure online payment options include e-Checking, credit card and T/T. Your payment is secured by’s anti-fraud system.
To get Trade Assurance coverage, you must make payment to the supplier’s Citibank account designated by StartedPayment options & transaction fees