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Need for automatic doors online shopping

Need for automatic doors online shoppingThese days Automation is the need of life. We heavily rely on technology these days. Be it the alarm clock the part of our daily routine life or Google algorithms of a virtual world, automation is everywhere. Sometimes it’s our need, sometimes luxury. But one thing is common that it makes our life easy and quickly accessible. The best thing about automation is that it saves our time and makes things convenient.          In this new automation era, door automation is also important in the fields of home and business, it is important for security purpose as well.          The revolution of door automation began in 1954 when Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt invented first automatic door.  There are many benefits of automatic doors; they help disabled and elderly people to navigate in home freely. In crowded areas like a shopping mall, theatres etc. it is beneficial to have automatic doors.          Livfuture Automation & securities Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in Pune, India. We supply Automatic glass door, Automatic sliding door manufacturer, automatic sensor door, Remote Gate and more.  Features:(Below are standard features other models may have added features)1.    Open and close both the doors.2.    Can be integrated with most of the access control system (RFID, Biometric etc.)3.    Can be paired with 100 remotes.4.    Safety 12volts DC motor eliminating the danger of electric shock hazard.5.    Overload sensor provides instant stop upon contact with an obstacle.6.    Starting opening force adjustment7.    Soft start and stop8.    Open buffer adjustment when openFor more information please visit our website below

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